How To Be A Millionaire Fast

Leave a job if you want to become a millionaire!

Let’s do a little exercise first. Think about the list of any five millionaires in your city… .. please do not miss this step, think definitely !!!

Now tell, is there anyone in this list who is a job occupation? I am not in my list, I would like to tell you the name that came to my mind. I am from Gorakhpur, U.P and these people belong there:

 Dr. Aggarwal, who has his own hospital
Mr. Jalan-Aliens
An uncle from my colony who runs Engineering College, and
Barnwal Uncle, from whom we buy jewellery.
They all have one thing in common. People work with them but they do not work for anyone. They are all entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen but not employees.


I asked this to some friends also, there was no name of any job worker in their list. Now it is another thing that if you insist on brainwashing, then some such people will be found, but most of them will either have white hair or the entire crop will be clean. 🙂 If you want to become a Crorepati by getting your hair white then the job is not bad. In three-four promotions and 15-20 years you will become Crorepati… but if you become like this, you will be made for children and not for yourself… and the fun is in being for yourself; Why? And if you want to become Crorepati for yourself, then you have to become an Entrepreneur yourself.

One thing I would like to say here is that some people do not look at those who want to earn more money with respect, but I think that by looking at this inflation, their views have also changed…. Changing from; In my view, it is a good thing to have the desire to earn more money, provided that wrong things are not done to earn it. And maybe this article will be read by the same people who would have such a desire or else they would have gone on to another topic only after reading the title of the article. Let us now come to the main issue:

But how to leave the job?

The question is absolutely right. But there is a bigger question than that, “What will I do if I quit my job?” If you have this other question coming to my mind, then I have no answer for it. Because this is a voice coming from inside you that is what you want to do. And if it is not coming then you are not ready for such a step right now… but it is certain that if you want, you can prepare yourself over time.

But if you are among those who have a dream, who want to do something big, something great, something, then you must first think about the question. Because if you do not think now, then it may be more difficult for you to think in future:

What To Do

Your responsibilities will increase ie your risk taking ability will decrease.
Maybe your salary increases and you convince yourself. “Come on, brother, money is coming… what else is needed.”
Some people may think that giving a lecture is easy but very difficult to do. It is true, but it is also true that it is difficult to do but not impossible.

If Dheerubhai Ambani had not left the petrol pump job, would there be a company like Reliance today? If Narayan Murthy had not left his job at Patni Computers, would Infosys exist today? Amitabh Bachchan also worked in a shipping firm named Shaw Wallace and later Bird & Co, if he too had not heard the voice of his heart, where would India have got such a great hero?

These are very big examples, which we all know but know that there are thousands of success stories where people have changed their thinking into reality… They have made the city lofty by going out of the streets of the village. . He has become a millionaire himself and has made many a millionaire.

But the first question we still had was, “How to leave the job?” He remains there. Needless to say that this is a very big step, and it simply cannot be taken here. One can take this revolutionary step only who has a strong desire to do something and is very passionate to execute his plan. Those who are really crazy about doing something, they do not think much about things here and there and just put in their efforts.

If you have to get out of jail, then make a tunnel!

But most of us (including me) want to do something, but there is a fear in us that if we fail, then whatever is there will also go away. This fear is also legitimate. That is why I think it can be good to find a middle way, such as starting a side-business. This is an old tried way, which you must have seen around you. People do their side-business after office timing and on vacation days and when the business gradually gets on track, leave their jobs and spend the whole time in business. I would like to give a small example which I read in Rashmi Bansal ji’s “Connect The Dots” book.

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